Friday, 4 November 2016

the bush

There were four boys on bikes, one was not on a bike and two boys were riding on the muddy footpath and
green grass. One boy was holding an umbrella  he was walking on the path he was looking at all the big trees.
The two boys were riding past and they looked at  the big trees too. One was looking at the boy who was holding the  umbrella he looked like a basketball player. He got off the bike a ran to him he looked he so suspicious. Curry was going to play the Bush team he's  the best Basketball player in New Zealand he asked the boys to go to Currys game, the boys said yes so they went to the airport to go to Canada when he got there he got his basketball clothes on he got the ball and he got a  3 pointer and they won the basketball game and he got a gold medal.  

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