Friday, 21 October 2016


James was a little boy and his dad was a scientist his Dad made a teleport watch and when you press a button it teleports you to a secret base and there are jet packs and planes.  James got one jet pack and he pressed the red button and teleported to Mars and Space he was alone in Mars and he was jumping on all the planets.  James was scared and he saw an Alien in a U.F.O spaceship it had bright lights and flags all over it was powered by a big engine.  It made the alien spaceship go very fast and the alien and the packed up James was frightened by all the aliens.  All the aliens wore costumes and they took off the costume because James was scared.  Then James pressed the red button and teleported back to the secret base where his dad was waiting for him.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Scientist

The Scientist
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Mr Money Bottom was working on my experiment trying to make money grow on trees. In my test tube I put money$ 1st at the bottom then I add soil 2nd and seeds 3rd and last I put water then I mixed it all up but nothing happened so I decided to add gunpowder and light it up. It started to bubble up it started to get smokey in the building and then there was a big explosion. After the smoke went away Mr Money Bottom had a money trees in the laboratory.