Friday, 17 March 2017

Dear Mr Somerville

Thank you for looking after us during camp and bringing us amazing team leader I have fun at camp it was my first ever camp I am happy that I got to stay 2 nights And go to bomb in the bombing pool. At camp it was fun because everybody had fun playing in the cold and playing at kayaking. I am playing with my friends like leonardy.
I was helping Miss Takere take some food to the big tent and I got to load up the cooler with Patties and sausages.

My favourite was going  kayaking with my friend Lennox and it was my favourite because we got to get wet and when I went by myself my friend Lennox fell out of his kayak It was funny because he looked shocked because of the cold water.


After we  finished camp you told team 4 that the Generals were the winners and we got to have chocolate but you called it a healthy snack and that was funny. Thank you Mr Somerville for letting me go on camp.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Year 5 and 6 camp

Wednesday was going to be my first camp and I was so excited. First  went to put our bags in class and then we did our first activity it  was with my group my group was called The Generals and my friend Lennox was in the same group as me. Our group had to go to the library, to do our item practise for the concert on Thursday night. After  we finished we had a meeting and we talked to all the teachers about our timetable for camp. We went to our next activity it was free time, I was playing with my friend Damien who wasn't on camp but he was still at school, we were playing with pokemon cards and I was winning all the cards. My auntie Shania came to bring my mattress at 3pm so that I could be comfortable at night in my tent with my tent buddy Lennox. On Thursday we went kayaking at Pt England Beach it was a  bit windy because it was spitting with  rain. My favourite part was going to the pools on Friday, I liked the bombing pool the best  when we went home we had McDonald's Last night we all had a talk about camp  and I said thank you to my nana I learnt it was fun to sleep in in a tent with my friend Lennox and other people having fun too. My next door neighbours in the tents were Troy and Paschal. I can't wait until next year.