Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Athletics day

Last Friday we did Athletics and we did cool games like softball and tug o'war then the game of touch.  My favourite event was high jump because landing on the mat was fun. We went over to Mr Burt for the sprints and I raced against my friends Freedom and Josh and Caleb we ran really fast and it was so close that i don’t know who came first. The fastest boy in our group was Jacob then next was Josh then after josh was Acera Faleono. It was a really hot day and I was feeling a little bit tired but it was so much fun that I never gave up. Miss Timmi was cheering for the boys and supporting me and so was Mr Moran. It was funny at tug o war because the kids versed the teachers was cool. At the last part of the day when the Parents versed teachers and students because that what we do every year  and it’s funny to watch to our teachers run against the students. Some teachers were  fast and some teacher were slow at running and one of the kids fell over and Miss King ran in her costume she looked cool and was fast.  Mr Moran was fast and he came last. In high jump  I came fourth and my friend Josh came second and my other friend Lennox came first In high jump. My friend Josh he almost got disqualified from the shot put and I came third. In the end I had a good day playing athletics.

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  1. WOW! ZANE! This recount of the athletics day is amazing I really enjoyed reading all about your day and the events you took part in with all your friends I'm so glad you had fun and I enjoyed being a cheerleader for you and your group. Keep up the good work Zane, I'm really proud of your writing.