Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Orientation (Introduction)
Ptengland school kids

Maked food
What happened?

Tell it in the order it happened.
First of all we went to the hall and we watched the school do kapa haka and we went to our class my class was room7 and we made food and stars, lanterns  and cool stuff then we got a cookie that had blue Icing it was yum and sweet.

Next we had morning tea and we played  then we came back to class then we made corn fritters, we eat it and it was yum then we played G-switch on the Imacs and it was fun.

After that we played abit then it was lunch time and i just played kicks and touch rugby then it was class time then we ran back to class then we sit down and talked about what Matariki was about and we played on the Imac’s and we played a game.  

We walk to the hall and did the duffy certificate and I got one and i picked a book I picked a Chapter book it was like a Dungeon book it had cool picture.  
In the end went to class and we got ready to go home and we looked what the class made it was a fun day

Reorientation (Summary)