Tuesday, 26 June 2018

On the flight from Auckland to Chicago Mr Goodwin

On the flight from Auckland to Chicago, Mr Goodwin won a prize. At least that’s what the Flight attendant told him as she gave him a Parachute. “B...b..but I don’t want to p..par..parachute” Mr Goodwin stammered. “Nonsense! You’ll love it” responded the Flight Attendant as she helped Mr Goodwin buckle into the parachute. As soon as the pack went click, the flight attendant opened the door of the aeroplane and simply said “Enjoy your fall”. As he was falling he was screaming loud he was looking around Mr Goodwin saw a plane he was crying then he was put his legs up and he closed his eyes and prayed so he didn’t get shred into pieces he opened his eyes and he was close to the ground he saw this jump pad. he skydived down then he saw players jumping on the jump pad he was crying again he looked down put he missed he landed in loot lake he popped a manu in the water. Then he saw Mr Moran He said no I have be flying in the sky for 21 minutes it's only me and you, whos getting the win, not you Mr Goodwin said but i have no wins just one, now he was crying and Mr Moran was laughing at him hahahahahahahaha.

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  1. I knew that you were gonna pick this one, and I also had a feeling that you would base this writing on your favourite game, very happy you gave this a real go. I would have loved to read more of this story I'm sure you had more interesting ideas to add to this piece of writing.